About the Conference

The Hate No More final conference, as the project’s final activity, aims at closing the cycle of two years of intensive research and training work on hate crime and hate speech and, more specifically, on its victims’ special needs.

At the conference, invited speakers will discuss the most pressing issues related to the rights and needs of victims of hate crime and hate speech. Participants will also have the possibility to attend different workshops which focus on the interactions with particular groups of people which are more vulnerable to hate crimes and hate speech, as well as on the investigation of these types of crime.

About the Project

Hate No More is a project co-funded by the Justice Programme of the European Union and promoted by the Portuguese Association for Victim Support (APAV) in partnership with national entities – the Judiciary Police (PJ), the Public Prosecution Office (PGR), and the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality (Portugal) –, and international organisations: Faith Matters (United Kingdom); Solidarci (Italy); Swedish Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority (Sweden), Victim Support Austria (Austria); and Victim Support Malta (Malta).

The project’s main goal is to create tools which contribute to raise awareness on hate crimes and hate speech, through the creation of multidisciplinary training for professionals which includes the victim’s perspective.

More specifically, the project aims at stimulating the reflexion and debate on the legal framework of hate crimes and hate speech and provide, to the organisations involved, specialised knowledge and training on the special needs of hate crime and hate speech victims. By acquiring this specialised know-how, victim support professionals, as well as other professionals working within the criminal justice system, will be able to provide specialised and adequate support to victims of these crime as well as improve the overall response mechanisms of the system to current victims’ needs.

Besides centring in the training of professionals, Hate No More also focuses on raising awareness among the general public and potential victims, in hope that more hate crimes and hate speech incidents will be reported and all its victims are able to access specialised support services.

About the projects activities

To achieve the envisioned goals, a set of different activities took place during Hate No More’s implementation, namely:
  • Conduction of research on the national and international legal framework on hate crimes and hate speech, as well as the gathering of information on the special needs of current or potential hate crime and hate speech victims;
  • Creation of a handbook comprising best procedures on how to identify victims of hate crime and hate speech and how to communicate/interact whit them, based on their specific needs, in a respectful manner;
  • Production of a training manual for professionals who contact with hate crime and hate speech victims;
  • Development of training sessions on hate crime and hate speech in each partner country aimed at justice criminal system professionals and victim support workers;
  • Creation and dissemination of awareness-raising campaigns.