The Victim Support Workers (VS Workers) of the Support Network for Migrant and Discrimination Victims work in order to ensure that victims of crime who seek our support, as well as their family members and friends, benefit from specialized services. These are provided by trained professionals capable of answering to their specific needs. These VS Workers are aware of the particular obstacles these people face and are sensitive to the difficulties that characterize the migration processes and to the impact certain crimes have on their victims.

  • - Provide information about their rights has a victim of crime/discrimination and how to exercise them – regardless of having a Visa or Residence Permit;
  • - Inform and clarify about the stages and procedures of the criminal proceedings;
  • - Prepare and/or accompany victims at certain stages, such as reporting the crime and going to court;
  • - Help in filling in claim forms and drafting pleadings and other procedural documents;
  • - Help in making a complaint about discrimination and lodging it with the competent authority.
  • - Assess the impact of the crime;
  • - Help in minimizing the consequences and negative symptoms caused by this experience;
  • - Refer to specialized health services, if required;
  • - Prevent future victimization situations.
  • - Provide information about the various existing social resources;
  • - Redirect and facilitate the contact between the services and institutions that can better assist in certain needs.

Besides these specialized support services, the Support Network for Migrant and Discrimination Victims team can also provide:

  • - Support during an emotional crisis related to the experience;
  • - Outline a personal safety plan;
  • - Support in contacting other organizations, minimizing the difficulties of the language barrier.