The Seminar Victims of Terrorism in Europe will be held in 21-22 October 2010 in Lisbon, Portugal (Hotel VIP Grand Lisboa). This is an important opportunity for researchers, professionals and journalists interested in the subject of the support to victims of terrorism, as well as their families and friends, in the European Union.

This seminar will be organized following the activities of Project PAX (promoted by the Portuguese Association for Victim Support – APAV), co-financed by the European Commission - Programme Prevention of and Fight against Crime.

The Project PAX aims to:
• improve the support to Terrorism victims by promoting the exchange of knowledge, development of supporting abilities (psychosocial and juridical) and of cooperation between the professionals and organizations of victim support and national police forces (from each country taking part of the Project)
• contribute to the strengthening of the cooperation, promoting the development of networks or organizations that represent the victims on a European level.

This seminar will be organized in cooperation with the Network of Associations of Victims of Terrorism (NAVT), a European organization that aims to stimulate transnational co-operation between associations of victims of terrorism and enhances the representation of victims' interests on the level of the European Union.

The Seminar Victims of Terrorism in Europe will focus on two main dimensions and approaches: the role of the Media and the role of Victim Support organisations. Therefore, the following topics will be highlighted:

a) Facing a terrorist act - strategies of intervention: which emergency services are mobilized?
b) Legal, psychological and social support to victims of terrorist acts: immediate needs and standards of intervention;
c) Managing the reaction to a terrorist act: training professionals;
d) Cooperation between emergency services and victim support services;
e) Media and their approach to victims and to their families and friends: challenges and ethical limits.

On the first day of this event, participants will have the opportunity to hear the personal testimony of victims, families and friends of victims of terrorism and ask them questions. Also during the Seminar a European manual on how to support victims of Terrorism, their families and friends will be presented.