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Exhibition: "Giving voice to silence"

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The Museum of Archaeology and Numismatics of Vila Real joins the celebration of 25 Years of APAV, hosting the exhibition "Giving Voice to Silence." The exhibition will be inaugurated on June 3 and brings together a selection of awareness campaigns promoted by APAV. The exhibition will be open until the 27th of June.

In 2015 the Portuguese Association for Victim Support (APAV) celebrates its 25th anniversary. Since 1990 APAV has supported an increasing number of victims of crime, an estimated population of over 270,000 people. As a nationwide social solidarity institution, it’s mission to protect and support victims of crime is crucial in the Portuguese Society. Over 25 years APAV, together with the support of advertising agencies, has developed an immense work on raising awareness campaigns. That is the work that we bring to you today. This outreach work complements the direct support to victims of crime and is critical to the fulfillment of the social mission of the APAV. APAV, 25 years giving voice to silence.

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