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Safety & Tourism: Supporting Tourist Victims

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The Touristic Safer Cities Project, sponsored by the European Forum for Urban Safety (EFUS) held a meeting in Munich on the 7th and 8th of July. The EFUS is a European forum which brings together 250 local and regional authorities from 16 different European countries. This project is in partnership with APAV as a specialist victim support organization in relation to tourist victims of crime. Its partner cities include: Alba and Rome (Italy), Munich (Germany), Saint Denis (France), Brasov (Romania) and Barcelona (Spain). The project considers security of key importance to the continued success of tourist destinations.

APAV was represented by its President who, through the communication of ‘Supporting Tourist Victims of Crime in the EU’, stressed the need for security strategies in densely populated tourist cities to include, in addition to prevention and police intervention, support to individuals and tourists that have been victims of crime. APAV has a renewed site specifically for tourists - May I help you? - with a Portuguese, English and Spanish versions.