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APAV promotes the ABC Justice Project

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APAV will promote the ABC Justice project. In recognition of the shortcomings betweens the level of communication between the judiciary system and the public (namely the young people), the aim of the project is to work towards greater transparency of the Portuguese criminal justice system by informing the young masses about the main aspects of the functioning of this system.

It is intended that this information will be transmitted in a simple, clear, practical and attractive way, using presentations and web technology to more easily explain the basics of the system to large segments of the youth population.

Increasing the young people’s knowledge about the criminal justice system can make people less reluctant to report criminal behaviour, which may affect their future victim’s status, as well as to encourage more participation in judicial proceedings.

This project has the support of the Embassy of the United States of America in Lisbon through the Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund, which is a program sponsored by the U.S State Department.