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Victim Support Europe Conference in Edinburgh

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The annual conference of Victim Support Europe was held in Edinburgh, on 30 and 31 May, in co-organization with Victim Support Scotland. This event had the support of the Directorate General for Justice of the European Commission and was focused on the theme "Supporting Victims of Crime in Europe". The conference was attended by a large panel of speakers from various European countries and the United States, including the presence of HRH Princess Anne of Edinburgh, having gathered over 150 participants from about 28 countries in Europe. There were two days of intense work and exchange of knowledge, experiences and reflection on the current support for the victim of crime in Europe.

Following the invitation of Victim Support Europe, APAV presented two communications in plenary sessions by João Lázaro, the chairman of APAV and Vice President of Victim Support Europe (Victim Support Leaders 'perspective and Next Steps in Progressing Victims' Rights), and four workshops presentations (Right to Information, by Frederico Moyano Marques; Support to victims of trafficking - the portuguese experience, by Juliana Moya; Anti-bullying project and Young Victims, by Carmen Rasquete).

The conference was a success, and the delegation of APAV actively participated in the exchange of experience, networking and contacts.

Programme: http://www.vseconference.org/programme

Photos: Victim Support Europe