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APAV presents the Statistics Annual Report 2016

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The Portuguese Victim Support Association, as the largest national nonprofit organization supporting victims of all crimes, contributes to the analysis and knowledge of crime and victimization by presenting its Annual Report 2016 | APAV Statistics. The statistical data now available refer to the support processes developed in person, by telephone and online, in 2016, by the 23 proximity services of APAV: through the national network of Victim Support Offices, through the Victim Support Line (116 006), the Shelters national network and the specialized networks.

An analysis of the highlights of this report makes it possible to assess the different contexts of victimization, in particular the different types of victims. As the 1,009 elderly people (+65 years) victims of crime (on average 3 per day and 19 per week); 826 children and young people (an average of 2 per day and 16 per week); 5,226 adult women (averaging 14 per day and 100 per week); and 826 adult men (on average 2 per day and 16 per week). In the scope of training and awareness and prevention of violence and crime, 732 training activities were conducted, covering 32,239 trainees / participants.

Annual Report 2016 | APAV Statistics (PDF)