Infovictims III project partners meeting

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On the 15th and the 16th of November 2021, the Infovictims III project partners met in Athens to discuss the progress made in the project activities and plan the upcoming tasks for the second year of implementation.

Through Infovictims III, partner organisations in 9 different EU countries are developing information tools for victims of crime that are easy to read, while being comprehensive in the essential aspects any person needs to know when falling victim to crime, such as the rights made available to victims and the ways to exercise them. The information tools include a website, a mobile app and a brochure, which will be launched in 2022.

On the second day of the 2-day work meeting, partners had the honour to meet with Representatives of the Greek Government to introduce them the Infovictims III project, learn about the policies and actions implemented in Greece in the field of victims’ rights, and engage in a fruitful discussion about the challenges and best practices in information provision to crime victims. Specifically, the project team met and discussed with Mr. Thanos Panagiotou, Director of the Office of the Deputy Minister of Justice, Lieut. Maria Sophia Kiriakou, Head of the Department of Domestic Violence of the Hellenic Police, and Ms. Chryssa Papaiakovou, Legal Adviser to the Office of the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs.

The event was co-organised by the European Public Law Organisation (EPLO) and the Portuguese Association for Victim Support (APAV), counting as well with the participation of the Vilnius Institute for Advanced Studies, the Irish Council of Civil Liberties, France Victimes, Association Onlus Libra, Weisser Ring Germany, Bily Kruh Bezpeci, Subvenia Victima and Victim Support Europe.

The Infovictims III project is funded by the European Commission Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers.

APAV hosted VSE International Staff Exchange

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During the week of November 8 to 12, a visit to Lisbon was promoted by Victim Support Europe and organized by APAV. From Estonia, we received four representatives of the Estonian Social Insurance Board; and from Croatia, one representative of the Victim and Witness Support Service and another of Service for Victim and Witness Support of Justice and Public Administration ministry.  

During these days, we spoked about communication and shared some ideas on how to spread relevant information to the victims. There was also a chance to get to know the work developed in Alcipe’s Shelter Home and also to visit the facilities of the Integrated Distance Support Services. It was debated awareness campaigns, fundraisings and how to manage the relation with the media; the ceremony of APAV’s Journalism Award 2021 was also a part of the schedule.

These international exchange moments are fundamental to the process of sharing ideas on how the different countries are responding to the challenges, that are mostly common. Due to this information exchange we can evolve and learn new approaches that may always come in handy. 

Presentation | Project WithYou: accompaniment of victims and witnesses in the justice system

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The Portuguese Association for Victim Support, with the support of Attorney General's Office, promoted on the 4th November the presentation session of the Project With You: accompaniment of victims and witnesses in the justice system, in Lisbon. 

The session was attended by a diversified panel and promoted the debate and reflection upon the perks of victims and witnesses accompanying by a specialized skilled technician, in the multiple procedural steps during their participation in the justice system. 

The event was originated from an extensive research developed in the scope of Project With You: accompaniment of victims and witnesses in the justice system, with the purpose of contributing for the decrease in secondary victimization and/or repeated, that results from the participation of crime victims and witnesses during criminal proceedings. The project, developed in partnership with Attorney General's Office, National Republican Guard,  eneral Directorate of the Administration of Justice, France Victims, Social Reintegration Institute of Euskadi (Netherlands), Victim and Witness Support Service Croatia and Viesoji Istaiga Vilniaus Pazangiu Studiju Institutas (Vilnius Advanced Studies Institute, Lithuania), with the funding of European Union’s Justice Program.

Youtube: Project With You - Part 1

Youtube: Project With You - Part 2

Data Detox Kit - Portuguese Version

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As part of the European Cybersecurity Month, which takes place in October, APAV has launched the physical and digital version of Data Detox Kit - Portuguese Version.

Data Detox Kit is an activity book to help young people take control of their technology. This is an interactive tool Kit that intends to encourage young people to think about different aspects of their digital lives, from their social media profiles up to their passwords, with simple activities to reflect upon and have fun. 

This kit is divided in four sections - Digital Privacy, Digital Security, Digital Well-being and Misinformation - it has as primary recipients young people that already possess their own  devices, but it can be used by people of all ages.

Data Detox Kit, created by Tactical Tech, was translated to Portuguese by APAV and it can be consulted ou downloaded here:  

Data Detox Kit (digital version)
Data Detox Kit (printed version)