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APAV, 30 Years for the Rights of Victims

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Thirty years ago, the first steps were taken towards the creation of what is currently considered a national reference organization in support of victims of crime in Portugal. In a context of awareness of the rights of the victim of crime and with the aim of addressing the lack of any support structure for this, was born APAV - Portuguese Association for Victim Support.

This year 2020, APAV celebrates 30 years of existence. Over three decades, the institution has transformed challenges into opportunities, charted a path of effort and perseverance, established itself as an active voice in society contributing to its balance and pacification and has become more agile and responsible in building a Portuguese society. fairer and more democratic society.

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APAV Board 2020-2023

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On January 10, APAV's Corporate Bodies took over for the four-year period 2020/2023. This ceremony, which took place at APAV Headquarters in Lisbon, was attended by the new members of the General Assembly, Board, and Supervisory Board.

APAV Board 2020-2023

APAV features Miscellanea APAV number 8

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APAV features the number 8 of Miscellanea APAV. The launching was held at APAV head office in Lisbon, on December 12th. This is a magazine sponsored by APAV that aims to disseminate scientific and reflective articles on topics related to victims of crime or victim support.

This 8th edition has 4 articles related to psychiatry and domestic violence, violence in intimate relations against men, hate speech and hate crimes. This edition of the magazine is illustrated with a selection of photographs by Cláudio Carneiro.

Conference “What changes in 25 years? Me and the other. A place for APAV”

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Due to the 25th birthday of the Victim Support Office in Coimbra, on the 5th of December, APAV promoted a conference which was attended by Álvaro Laborinho Lúcio (Founding associate of APAV).

The event was co-organized with the Penedo da Saudade Cultural Centre and the Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra.

APAV expresses its sorrow for victims of attacks in London and The Hague

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atentados londres

Europe was once again hit by a terrorist attack in London and a violent attack in The Hague, with motivation not confirmed yet, on 29th November 2019.

APAV expresses its sorrow for the victims and solidarity for the family members, friends and community affected by the incidents.

Terrorist attacks and violent acts like these have a devastating effect on the direct and indirect victims. It is crucial that those affected by these crimes receive support so they can manage do deal with the immediate and long term consequences.

The APAV Family and Friends of Victims of Homicide and Terrorism Victims Support Network (RAFAVHVT) is available to support any citizen who has been affected or experienced an attack, as well as their families and friends.