Welcome to the Victims & Mediation seminar

The Victims & Mediation Seminar will be held in 14-15 July 2008 in Lisbon, Portugal. This is an important opportunity for researchers and practitioners working in the area of mediation, victim support and justice.
This Seminar is being organized under the Project Victims & Mediation, co-financed by the European Commission, which envisages firstly to attain a more exact notion of the current standing and treatment information of victims in victim-offender mediation projects and programmes in Europe.
In recent years, victim-offender mediation has earned a greater attention by those whose mission is to provide support to victims of crime and whose assessment on this issue may be briefly expressed in following idea: mediation is a practice which may entail potential positive outcomes for victims of crime in recovering or minimising the effects of victimisation, if certain factors are adequately taken into account.
Among these factors one can highlight:

It’s a fact that the attention given to victim-offender mediation has grown in the last years and the debate stills continues.  Therefore, the aim of this Seminar is to contribute to the protection of victims’ rights and interests within victim-offender mediation and to the development further research in this field, promoting a transnational cooperation, information and best practices exchange.