This summer Victim Support Europe is hosting its very first Summer School. The Summer school is titled EU Victims’ Rights Directive: how to make it happen in your country” and will support participants in developing the necessary skills and knowledge on advocating for victims’ rights and services. This topic was selected based on a training needs assessment that was carried out among victim support organisations across Europe.

This Summer School takes participants on a journey where skills and knowledge on Advocacy and Lobbying are acquired and directly practiced and applied using the Victims’ Rights Directive and other rights related to victims. This training on the EU Victims’ Rights Directive also brings new and in-depth knowledge on the process that fed into the legislative instrument we know today.

This training offers a stimulating environment where participants are challenged, informed, and supported to exchange knowledge and skills.

At the end of the Summer School 2017, participants will be more:
  • Resourceful, and be able to analyse and research EU legislation relevant to victims’ issues;
  • Skilful, and be able to develop and plan concrete advocacy activities
  • Prepared, and be able to develop a personalised plan for advocacy using the victims’ rights Directive that is adapted to the reality, social environment and political landscape in the country of each participant.





  • Arrival at Lisbon (airport) during the day
  • 18h00
    Welcome drink @ APAV headquarters & registration
  • 19h00
    Welcome dinner @ Lisbon




  • Morning
    Opening of the Summer School
  • Afternoon session
    Understanding the Advocacy environment
  • Evening
    Advocacy and Victims’ Rights in Portugal

Is this for me?

Is this Summer School for me?

The goal of the Victim Support Europe Summer School is to learn together on “EU Victims’ Rights Directive: how to make it happen in your country”.

For this summer school we are especially looking at Policy officers and Professionals working on victims’ issues that want to become part of a new generation of Victim Advocates around Europe.

Participants with a professional, research or educational background on victims’issues are warmly welcomed. The participants selected will be of a wide array of European countries to enable knowledge sharing from different perspectives and backgrounds.

Of all the applicants, 20 participants will be selected to partake in the first VSE Summer School! Register soon to ensure you have a place!

What happens after the Summer School?

The Participants will become part of a Victim Advocate community linked to Victim Support Europe where they are informed about developments, invited to share knowledge and expertise as well as be informed on work and opportunities related to victim issues around Europe.


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