Ingrid Bellander-Todino: New EU Directive establishing minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of crime – achievements & challenges ahead

Frida Wheldon: The new EU Directive from the victim support organisations’ perspective

Vítor Antunes: Police cooperation in criminal matters / transnational victims

Petra Klein: Deepening police cooperation: a special focus on cross border victims

Peter van Rotterdam: How “True-to-Life” Videoconferencing Benefits Victims

Antony Pemberton: Realizing the potential of the Directive in a diverse Europe: avoiding the rights trap

Herke Kranenborg: Data protection and victim support

Ann Moulds: The Stalking – the silent dangers, the hidden crime

Patrícia Agostinho: Cybercrime and its manifestations

Wiesje Zikkenheiner: Labour Trafficking

Michael Kilchling: The Victimological Relevance of Organised Crime and Terrorism

Frederico Marques: Project INFOVICTIMS

Carmen Rasquete: Project CABVIS – Capacity Building for EU Crime Victim Support

Rob Sardemann: New opportunities for online support for victims of crime

Petra Kjällman: E-support for Crime Victims

Helen Blow: E-support for victims

Maeve Ryan: Crime Victims Helpline Freephone 116006

Karl-Günther Theobald: 116006 Helpline – Best practices

Marketa Vitousova: 24/7 phone helpline for victims of crime

Helgard van Hüllen: Quality Standards in Weisser Ring Germany

Elsa Beja: Quality Standards in APAV

Barbara Wüsten: Services for Victims and Witnesses in Weisser Ring Germany

Bruno Brito & José Félix: Project CARONTE Handbook for assistance to the family and friends of victims of homicide